Monday, June 1, 2015

ATX Or Bust

We made from Oakland, California to our new home in Austin, Texas in four days with two cars, two adults, two dogs, two cats, one child and no speeding tickets, animal escapes or getting lost.

Go team!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

Jason's 38th Long Beach Birthday Celebration

This weekend Austin and I headed down to Long Beach to meet Uncle J for his 38th birthday celebration. We started the party properly, playing Super Mario Cart at Grandpa's house. I had a steep learning curve trying to figure out the controller. The guys were sweet enough to wait for me to circle round to the finish line before moving on.

The next day Austin suggested we head over the aquarium by our hotel: The Aquarium of the Pacific. What a beautiful place! Just when we thought there was no more to look at we'd find another wonderful exhibit.

Lorikeets. Ugh. Whose idea was it to feed these vicious nectar-gluttons? Oh, right. That was me. Never again I tell you! They swarmed the second I walked in the gate - flying and screaming in my ears and picking at my hair. Luckily, Uncle J was there to save the day. He was kind enough to take what was left of the nectar cup away from me where they swarmed perched on top of him and promptly took a shit on his shoulder. 

After we recovered from the trauma of *paying* to be attacked by lorikeets, we headed over to the much calmer waters of the shark nursery. Austin even stuck his hand in to touch a shark! 

His bravery didn't stop there! When we got to the tide pool exhibit he even fed a starfish!

Let's get a close up on that. 

                              Holding a star fish.                              Feeding a starfish a piece of octopus.

After a nap and some downtime, we headed out to dinner to meet Grandpa and Beverly at a restaurant I have vague memories of going to as a child: Clearman's Northwood Inn.

Austin and I shared a plate of crab legs and then worked on our spoon-on-the-nose skills. 

We packed a lot into this weekend. Not pictured are breakfasts with Jason every morning at a French place around the corner where we talked about life - past, present and future. One very long walk to get to the quiet shores near our hotel and a drive over to L.A. to see some dear friends where more talk of life - past, present and future - was had over Thai food and pizza. 

All around it was a lovely way to celebrate my brother's latest trip around the sun.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Failed Foster Parents

I've heard it said once you have three kids, four isn't much different. It's the same with pets, right?

Welcome to the family Dusty/Little/Kitten.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Hidden Benefits of Road Trips

On Friday, I had the opportunity to take an overnight trip to Tahoe. Surprisingly, Austin tagged along. He came - not to play in the snow again - but to enjoy an uninterrupted, distraction-free chance to watch The Matrix Trilogy.

He shared that road trips are the most enjoyable way for him to watch movies he wouldn't otherwise make time to see. 

Bonus for me: I had a partner for icy-weather hot tub and Mudslide Pie AND Caramel Cheesecake!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Turning 39 In Tahoe

For my birthday this year, I envisioned mountains, snow, a comfy chair next to a fireplace and some soft yarn to work with. Life added coughing, sneezing, cold medicine and maybe a little crying. The one day we all felt well was a magical day filled with sleds, snowballs, tackling snow men and laughing. Lots and lots of laughing. 

We all fell in love with Tahoe and hope to repeat this trip again before the snow melts without the coughing, sneezing or crying.


Every Knitters Vision

This is a picture of my very first knitting project; a baby blanket for my cousin's first baby.

This is a picture of her using the blanket I made her to swaddle her baby-doll. Right there is my vision for every baby blanket I've ever made. To be used and loved even if that means one day it will be dirty and full of holes. I love seeing this blanket had a life.

I've heard people say they just couldn't stand to use a handmade baby blanket. I've been told handmade items are too precious - too special - so they sit in a drawer or drape over a chair for decoration, never to be used. I'll be honest, it kinda horrifies me. I want my baby blankets to experience spit up and diaper explosions and to be drug through the mud. I want them to be remembered by the children when they are adults.

I remember my blankie. It was green crochet. I LOVED that blankie and couldn't stand to be parted with it. I would push my fingers through the holes the pattern made when I was falling asleep; it was a comforting nightly ritual. My parent's nickname for it was "Stinky Blankie". My blanket was so loved it lost it's light green color and turned grey. I remember the day my mom and my babysitter plotted to get it from me so it could be washed. When I sat blankie down next to my belongings my sitter called my mom who rushed over to get it to be washed. When my mom came to pick me up, she pulled my now brightly-colored, fresh-smelling, green blankie from behind her back and said, "Surprise!". I stood there staring at it, no idea what she was holding. I didn't recognize my well-loved and smelly blankie.

That's my vision for all my baby blankies. I know they can't all be a hit, but it's nice to see that this one - my first one - was special.